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Subliminal reprogramming and social engineering

War is to man what maternity is to a woman." - Benito Mussolini

25 January 1984
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I am a rationalist and a humanist.

I enjoy reading about history, philosophy, science and current events.

I am an avid news junky.

I have affinities towards music and nature.

I'm extremely interested in both the origins of the universe and the origins of life. I believe that if observed in tandem, it is obvious that the currently accepted theory of evolution is too short sighted. The universe is evolving just as life is. On such a macro scale, all conventional perspectives about life and the universe are altered.

I consider staring at my fishtank to be my number one hobby and I am currently accepting donations towards a 72 gallon black bow front aquarium.

Places I want to travel to over the next few years: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Damascus, Germany, Netherlands, England, Scotland, Wales, Mexico, Belize, Peru, Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina, Brazil.
80's, adult swim, aesthetics, albert einstein, american psycho, analog synthesizers, and national geographic, animal house, aquaria, aristotle, art, astronomy magazine, baile funk, benito mussolini, breakbeats, bullet, charles darwin, classic rock, classical greece, clerks, conan the barbarian, cruel intentions, culture, dead presidents, desperado, discover magazine, discovery, drum n bass, dub, e.o. wilson, eugenie scott, eva mendes, evolution, falling down, fight club, fishing, full metal jacket, gabber, galileo galilei, genealogy, genetic engineering, genetics, geoscience, gisele bündchen, grounded for life, hamburger hill, hardcore, hbo boxing, herpetology, hiking, hip hop, history, hoodies, house, humanism, indian cuisine, indiana jones, isaac newton, italian food, jane goodall, katherine zeta jones, learning, mad max, massages, max, mesoamerican civilization, metal, mila kunis, movies, music, napolean dynamite, national geographic, natural born killers, naturalism, nature, nicolaus copernicus, nicole scherzinger, peace, penélope cruz, philosophy, physics, plato, platoon, positivism, powernoise, pragmatism, propaganda, protagoras, psychedelia, psychedelic trance, psychology, pulp fiction, rationalism, reggae, relaxation, reservoir dogs, richard dawkins, rules of attraction, salma hayek, salvador, science, scientific american, secularism, shaun of the dead, sid and nancy, smooth jazz, so notorious, sociology, socrates, soft rock, speedcore, spencer wells, stephen hawkings, string theory, sushi, techno, technocracy, the city of god, the colbert report, the daily show, the doors, the enlightenment, the lost boys, the mexican, the o.c., the sarah silverman program, the scientific revolution, the washington post, the wire, thursday, time, trevor goodchild, trip hop, turtlenecks, wall street, we own the night, western civilization, Æon flux